Natural Health/Herbal Clinic, by Donation

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Onsite Master Herbalist Lucas Heiser specializes in natural healing protocols and is a certified Health Coach. Sessions are by donation, allowing everyone access to our expertise.

In our Consultations we will go over diet, allergies, supplements, medications, lifestyle, stress and more to help paint a clearer picture of how to best bring you back to true health.  We produce lots of Healthy Foods and have a small apothecary that crafts tinctures, capsules, extracts, teas, dry herbs, pain cremes, nasal inhalers, lip balms, salves and more.

Visit our permaculture farm for Custom Herbal products formulated for your Health needs and don’t miss our farm raised Healthy foods in Loma, Colorado.

We are a Charter for Weston A. Price Foundation and have literature available for Diet, Natural wellness, and more.

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  • We offer weekly specials, meal packages, classes, CSA memberships, herbal consultation, and a wide assortment of homegrown foods.

In-person and Online sales available.
Service Options: In-Store
Payment Methods: Cash, Credit, Debit, Gift Cards, CSA membership

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