Roots From Eden

It started with a Love for each other, our Lord, and wanting a healthy and sustainable life.  We purchased a blank slate with 10 acres and a Home in Loma, Colorado and spent many years Regenerating the land and creating our Garden of Eden.  We now feel our calling is to share it with you and our community by providing Healthy food near you, and Herbal Consultation (new for 2024).  Wether its Pasture raised meats or saurkrauts for your gut health, we have it at our  New Farm Market and CSA.  Did you know we have an orchard , vinyard and food forest with over 7 Apple trees, 6 Peach trees, 4 Cherry trees, 3 Apricot trees, 30 + Goji bushes,  Pear trees, Fig Trees, 3 Mulberry trees, over 16 Grape vines of different types, Currants, GooseBerries, Raspberry and Blackberry bushes and more, Each season we have lots of variety of fruits available.   Who said you can’t have a food forest in the Desert…….

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