CO-Grown Milled Grains – flours, and treats

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At Roaring Fork Mill, we mill locally grown Colorado grains using a traditional stone grist mill to retain their natural oils, germ, and bran for nutrient-dense, flavorful flours. Our unmodified, unbleached, and unbromated grains create healthy, easily digestible foods, while our use of upcycled spent brewers grain promotes a sustainable food system. Additionally, our ancient and heritage grains contribute to healthy soil and combat climate change by sequestering more carbon.

To name a few of our options:

  • Stone milled flours: all purpose organic, GF millet, organic durum, rouge de bordeaux, whole wheat, and organic heirloom turkey red.
  • Upcycled spent grain crackers, krispies treats, graham crackers, and doggie brew biscuits.
  • Organic wheat bran, and whole wheat berries.

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