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The Open Market Advocacy is completely optional but makes a huge difference!

This site has been built for three sets of people: Shoppers, Sellers, or both. And, the one man team that built and operates The Open Market is both a Shopper and a Seller. And I’m proud to admit, my laziness has been a big incentive while building the site to make it easier to shop locally while I live on the road. But, The Open Market is a small business, and this whole project has been a lot of work.

That said, it makes a world of difference to have a support team on hand for the occasional bit of help. I’d like to extend an offer to become an advocate for The Open Market.

This means you’ll have access to:

  • early special offers on deals we put out (mailed or emailed)
    • this may include merchandise, discounts, coupons, vouchers, etc. from The Open Market and it’s wonderful Sellers.
  • completely optional, and rare invites to help out. (emailed only) These may include:
    • beta testing for new website features and workflows.
    • surveys to voice your opinions on The Open Market.
    • calls to action which could be anything from asking to share a message with your neighbors, or incentives to bring a Seller to The Open Market (much like an affiliate program).

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I’m a huge fan of not getting spammed by businesses, and I have every intention of not spamming anyone’s inbox, or mailbox. And, I say it often, but The Open Market has been built to offer autonomy to my Western Slope neighbors. If for any reason you’d like to remove yourself from being an advocate for The Open Market, you can simply Opt-Out below!

Signing up is an extra step you can take for The Open Market, true. But, keep in mind, the entire mission of this website has been to strengthen the local economy, to give an extra option to small businesses, their current and potential customers, and those that would support them if they knew how. Signing up as an advocate here is a force multiplier for the potential leverage that The Open Market has for building on the abundance within the Western Slope.

Thanks for taking the time!

Jon, at The Open Market

Sign Me up!

Here are some notes to consider:

  • All of your submitted information entered here is totally private.
  • Mailing addresses will only be used on the occasion of sending merchandise, etc. and will not be used for calls to action, surveys, or any other request for help/spamming/etc.
  • The email listed on Your Account will be the receiving email for any notifications involving Open Market Advocacy – this is where you’ll need to update that information.
  • Updates to your mailing address can be updated/requested at any time at The Open Market Support Center.
  • Opt-out of The Open Market Advocacy below.

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For a limited number of sellers for a limited time, we'll set everything up for you and manage your account, completely for free. We only ask for your feedback and for you to tell your neighbors! You can also Register as a Seller now, and skip the waitlist, if you'd like to set things up for yourself and still be included on this offer. Click here to learn more about what it means to be an Open Market Seller!

The plan is to introduce an onsite payment system, listing's fees, and a simple membership fee structure once we've gathered enough data for the best approach. But for now, everything is free - so, act now!

Sign up to the waitlist below or Register as a Seller to get started.


  • An established, and somewhat reputable web presence (website, and/or social media).
  • Clearly outlined offerings (goods, and/or services)
  • you must be based in the Western Slope.

Whether this is your first rodeo, or you're a seasoned small business– let’s talk! Click here to learn more about what it means to be an Open Market Seller!

My main focus is on organic growth, but I'm ecstatic about the feedback and interest I'm getting from sellers and shoppers!

Farmers, Artists, Retailers, Jewelers, Carpenters, Auto-Detailers, Massage Therapists, Healers, Underwater Basket Weavers, Specialists, Practitioners, Makers, Shakers, and all of you in between; if you're a Western Slope based small business, we'd love to work with you!


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