High Country Cactus

Solar Powered Cactus Garden 8,000’ above the sea
Zone 4a📍Colorado, USA
Check out my Website: https://highcountrycactus.com
Instagram: @highcountrycactus
Reddit: u/highcountrycactus


** Winter Shipping: Please be aware of the temps in your area when receiving plants. Do not let packages sit out in below freezing temps once delivered. Receiving plants at a PO Box is recommended during cold weather.

We are a small cactus nursery located in the mountains of Colorado at around 8,000′ above sea level.

Typically orders go out weekly, although some may take longer to prepare, for roots to dry, etc.

Please assume we have bugs! It is good practice to quarantine any new plants before adding them to your garden to see if any problems need to be addressed with your preferred methods before exposing the rest of your collection. We mostly use beneficial insects in our greenhouse pest management program, some of them may occasionally travel with your plants despite our best efforts to keep them here.

Some plants may have imperfections, water spots, blemishes, etc. but should be healthy and ready to grow into beautiful specimens for you. If you have any questions or concerns with an order, please reach out to us on Instagram or at highcountrycactus+support@gmail.com within 24 hours of receiving your order.


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