Fresh and Freeze-Dried Edible Mushrooms

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Fresh and freeze dried mushrooms grown at our Montrose, CO homestead; prepared as a healthy and tantalizing treat for you and your family.

We’ve got Oysters, Pioppino, Lion’s Mane and Chestnuts.

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Sold By: Crystal Creek Mushrooms


All of our Oysters are raised for the best flavors and colors. Having a light, subtle flavor, Oyster mushrooms endless uses in all different recipes. An excellent source of antioxidants, Oyster mushrooms can also prevent cellular damage to the body. We rotate a variety of different Oysters to tempt everyone’s palate. The current strains we are rotating within our stock are Blues, Goldens, Pink, Snow, Black King Pearl, Blue Brat, and Branched.
​$15.00 per pound

Lion’s Mane

A proven health benefit for brain function and cognition, Lion’s Mane is nicknamed the vegan version of lobster. Sautee in butter and garlic and enjoy it as a main dish or accompaniment. $20.00 per pound

Pioppino Mushrooms

This earthy, nutty mushroom is great in soups, stews, hot pots and stir fry. This high antioxidant mushroom helps in eliminating free radicals in your body and tantalizes the palate at the same time. $15.00 per pound

Chestnut Mushrooms

These are not your baby Bellas! This nutty mushroom retains its crisp texture even after cooking and are excellent in risottos, pasta dishes and soups. Their delicious flavor can also be enjoyed by itself as a side. High in B2, B3 and D, they are also high in folate, biotin, niacin, selenium, potassium and riboflavin. Healthy AND delicious! $20.00 per pound

Shiitake Mushrooms Coming Soon!

Shiitake Mushrooms are part of the Lentinula family. Lentinula heals chromosome damage caused by anticancer treatments. It also protects your DNA from oxidative damage. It helps with weight loss, muscle building, bone building, aids in proper digestion and can also reduce food allergies and sensitivities. A long use in Asian recipes, Shiitakes have found their place on millions of tables in restaurants and homes. Cultivating is more intense and requires a longer period of time. $45.00 per pound

Crystal Creek’s Wish List!
We are currently on the waiting list for a special grow room that will allow us to grow the warmer, humid climates of the South! The different species on our wish list are: Morels, Chanterelles, Wine Caps, Giant Puff Balls, Truffles, Turkey Tail, Chicken of the Woods, Tigersaw and so much more. Stay tuned!

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