Forever Free Friends of The Open Market

Hey! Thanks for jumping through all my hoops! I really appreciate your patience.

I have 2 completely optional favors to ask!

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  1. If you see the ideas of The Open Market as valuable to the community, please help get the word out about the community and it’s ideas!
    • This could be as simple as sharing an Open Market post, a link to your OM content, or a word on what you’re excited about. But, if you’ve got any sellers or shoppers in mind, it would be tremendous if you helped spread the word!
    • Any method that you may choose to spread the word would be wholly appreciated! A lot of you are already doing this, and I really appreciate every bit of it, and it’s incredibly helpful to everyone involved.
      • For example: without fail, any time any of The Open Market’s IG or FB posts gets shared, there is a rush of views, interactions, follows, interest, potential shoppers and new sellers. This definitely gets me stoked that people are stoked, and yeah, sure, I get a good dopamine rush out of it. But, the driving force of the whole project is that all of the sellers on The Open Market win, when their neighbors win.
        • This is a key factor that I plan to post about in the near future, but look at it this way: if anyone comes to The Open Market to shop for one particular seller, all of the relevant sellers will immediately have free exposure. And, any new page a shopper surfs through will help them to see just how abundant their local marketplace actually is – and, how accessible it all actually is. Stay tuned for more!
  2. Please help with an incentive to get more people shopping locally.
    • Promo Codes: I have several sellers on the site who have set up Open Market promo codes with some sort of discount on their products. I didn’t ask any of them to do this for me, but I’m excited about it and was inspired to ask you to do the same. If you’d like to set this up, let me know, and I’ll be sure to update your listings accordingly.
    • Coupons: a few sellers have set up coupons so that if a shopper shows them their Open Market content while at an event, they’ll get a free gift or a discount on any purchase. This would be an easy note to add to your listing, and I’d be happy to send the word out about it when your event is coming up.
    • Sales or Events: If you’re having any sort of sale, I’d be happy to either help advertise it, or update your Open Market content to reflect the sale’s outlook.
    • For either of these options, you can let me know if you’d like to get started on this in the form below.

DEADLINE May 20: Filling out the form below is REQUIRED to stay on the Forever Free Friends list. Anyone who does not fill this out by May 20 will be removed from the Forever Free Friends list, but you’ll be able to keep your current content up.

I talked to my lawyer, and he made a good and obvious point – you and I need to have things in writing. It’s also a good opportunity to gather a bit more info to make our relationship simpler, and give me an occasional chance to express my gratitude. So, a lot of this is optional, but a few key points are required.

Feel free to reach out to me any time on Instagram, Facebook, at The Open Market’s Support Center or directly at I’d also be happy to jump on the phone with you, or meet in person if it works better for you!



  • For a limited number of sellers for a limited time, we'll set everything up for you and manage your account, completely for free.
  • We only ask for your feedback and for you to tell your neighbors!
  • We'll introduce an optional payment system, listing's fees, and an optional membership fee once we've gathered enough data for the best approach. But for now, everything is free - so, act now! Click here to learn more.

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The vision of The Open Market is to recreate the Farmer's Market, and put it online.

Farmers, Artists, Producers, Practitioners, Healers, Retailers, Makers, Shakers, and all of you in between; if you're a Western Slope based small business, we'd love to work with you! Whether this is your first rodeo, or you're a seasoned small business– let’s talk!


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